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Our focus is on fast pain relief with long term results. Our pain relief procedures are offered by Board Certified Pain Specialists who provide a mutlimodal approach to pain care. Improve your quality of life today!

Trusted, Board Certified Pain Physician.

Dr. Vartevan is Board Certified in Pain Management and Anesthesiology. The number one goal at our office is to provide the most advanced integrated medicine and rehabilitative treatment services possible.  Our team is proud to say we meet and exceed these goals regularly. Our advanced, custom pain care services provide fast pain relief with long term results. In addition, we’ve worked in tandem with, lawyers, employers, physicians and more on patient advocacy.  Contact Dr. Vartevan and team to learn how we can help.

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I started Camelback Pain because I saw how many patients were getting operated on without the option of less invasive treatments. I believe that patients should be given a chance to delay major surgery with less invasive means.

Dr. Vartevan

Back & Neck Pain

This is one of the most common pain issues in the country. We help patients suffering with back & neck pain with alternatives to surgery that can provide long-term relief from pain.

Joint Pain

We provide non-surgical and effective treatments to reduce chronic & acute joint pain that allow our patients to improve their mobility, with long-term improvement.

Work Injuries

We fight for our patients’ rights as our insurance and worker’s comp claimants already know. We work with legal entities on patient advocacy and complete pain treatments & care.

Sports Injuries & Pain

We know that getting back to your favorite sport is important. Many patients respond positively to our injection-based care which provide non-surgical & rapid pain relief.

Chronic Pain

Daily pain can be completely debilitating and over 20% of Americans struggle with this. Our goal is to get you fast pain relief with long-term results.

Sports/Golf Pain

AZ is one of the best golfing destinations in the country. We have successfully improved our patients’ mobility as well as eliminated or reduced associated pain.

Did You Know? We Are Scottdale’s Leader in Golf Pain & Mobility Issues.

Arizona is one of the best places in the world to play golf.  Some of the most common injuries are in the knees, shoulders elbows and lower back.  Many of these conditions can be treated non-surgically! Don’t wait, get your golf game back with our innovative pain and mobility treatments today!

Interventional Pain Treatments

Our goal at Camelback Pain Center is to reduce, relieve and/or manage chronic or acute pain to improve our patients’ quality of life. We use minimally invasive techniques to help diagnose and treat painful conditions and symptoms.
Interventional pain care and management can help our patients get back to their everyday activities without the need and reliance on medications


Customized Individual Pain Treatment Plans

Dr. Vartevan and teamwork to put the best pain treatment plan in place for your unique condition. Each patient will undergo a thorough and extensive analysis of symptoms and medical history to determine the best plan of action for your pain care.

We Work Hand-in-Hand with Lawyers, Doctors & More

Accidents can happen and we work with layers, doctors, insurance companies, physical therapies and more, as a team to aid in the full recovery of our patients. We offer a full spectrum of pain care and can deliver the full detailed process as needed.

We Are Here For You. Get Pain Relief, FAST.

Joint Pain Can Be Debilitating.

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21% or 50 Million Americans deal with daily chronic pain

Back Pain

Back pain can be very debilitating.  It can be caused too many things to list such as; bad posture, sleeping wrong, sports, injuries, accidents, age, arthritis, and more. We are dedicated to effectively treat back pain in a minimally invasive, non-surgical manner.

Neck Pain

Our practice specializes in treating neck pain effectively.  With all of the cell phone use, poor desk posture, injuries, and more, neck pain has become a more prevalent issue over the years. Our goal is to treat the neck and get you pain free.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulders have an extremely large range of motion, more than most joints in the body.  Its lack of mobility can affect our daily lives such as; carrying children, playing golf, driving and so much more. We are experts at treating shoulder pain and mobilty issues with an emphasis on providing long-term relief. 

Knee Pain

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Hip Pain

Hip pain can be extremely debilitating and can stop you from daily tasks such as working, walking and can affect your quality of life.  Obesity, arthritis, sedentary lifestyles, osteoarthritis, injuries, and much more can leave you with hip pain and often pain in the back or legs. We work towards long-term relief of hip pain at our pain clinic.

Wrist/Hand, Foot/Ankle Pain

Repetitive use of the wrists, hands, feet, and ankles often give many patients aggravating pain issues.  Our excellence in joint care allows us to treat these over-used joints with long lasting results.

Receive Comprehensive Treatment of Acute and Chronic Pain

If you are experiencing any type of pain issue, contact our team at Camelback Pain Center.  We’ve helped main patients regain normal daily activities, pain-free.

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